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[We recently contacted Jenny as we loved her blog when we came across it and it all seemed very relaxed and real, she was kind enough to review one of our items and our shop as a whole 🙂 and here it is, enjoy]

This week I’m going to share with you a lovely gift & homeware shop; Serene Hearts.


 I recently wrote a blog post about vintage rings which caught Serene Heart‘s eye! I must say I was super flattered when Serene Hearts emailed me to ask if I would review their gifts & homeware site! I went straight on to their website and found myself instantly feeling excited and wanting EVERYTHING!! They literally have everything to offer from candles to cushions to hanging hearts & accessories! If I had a home to fill I think I could piratically decorate the whole of it easily with Serene Hearts store!


The thing I like most about Serene Hearts is their personal touch, they offer ‘Gift Ideas from our Heart‘ which includes various heart warming items to keep you feeling loved in your home! They also offer bespoke pieces in their ‘East of India‘ category! The item that grabbed my eye the most was the ‘Heaven Sends Pink Floral Clock.’ As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! Again a sentimental touch; Serene Hearts have lovely item descriptions, the floral clock says – ‘Display the time with elegance with this pink floral clock’ – I love that! I knew exactly where I was going to put it in my room too, my Mum’s tip has always been “Never buy something unless you know exactly where you’re going to put it, otherwise you’ll end up with a house like Grandma’s” – Gran’s house was a shop all of its own!! It comes in two different colours; sky blue and baby pink to compliment different tastes.


 Further excitement.. GET THIS.. Their prices are amazing!!! Everything is fairly priced and good quality! I’m definitely going to be buying a couple of other pieces to fill my home and I’m certain that my folks will want a piece too! I would consider reading their ‘About Us‘ section before you take a gander. I’ve never read such a lovely profile for a shop and it really sets the scene! All in all Serene Hearts has been a lovely experience for me and I am so grateful that they got in touch! New fan for life!!


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 Hwyl am y tro
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