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Last week we were contacted by Ali, she wanted to find out our story and feature us in here new blog. She has only just recently set up the blog and seems to have a really good eye for styles in homeware.

We really liked the look and lay out of the blog and hope that you can take a look and give her some support ūüôā Just click here to see what we’re talking about.

Here is her posted review of us, enjoy!:

Secret Corner – Serene Hearts


I love homeware. ¬†Like really really really love homeware. ¬†I wonder what will happen when I finally finish decorating and redoing every room of our house. ¬†I hate clutter, so I guess me and my love of shopping will need to cut ties with homeware shops and websites. ¬†Or maybe I’ll just go back to the beginning and change all my accessories and soft furnishings….

Every week I’ll be blogging the “Secret Corner” – a spotlight on a little gem of a homeware website, perhaps one that you have never heard of, maybe something that you will fall in love with, or maybe it will bring you just what you’ve been looking for. ¬†I am going to thoroughly enjoy this but my bank balance will probably want to do a runner from me in return. ¬†Yikes.

My very first homeware site is Serene Hearts.  If you like shabby chic and affordable gifts then this is the place for you.


Serene Hearts are fairly new to the world wide web and are actually just about to turn 6 months old! It was set up through a love of homeware and a belief that the accessories are what give the room a personality and I must say, I wholeheartedly agree.  Serene Hearts sell a lot of things from other brands, but they sell them cheaper than most other  places and have fantastic customer service to go alongside it, something that they focused on from the very start.  They love to intereact with their customers and build up an enjoyable, trustworthy relationship with them so join them on twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram.

Some of my personal favourites include these gorgeous Gisela Graham ceramic door knobs. ¬†When it comes to decorating the bedroom (next on the list!) I will probably purchase some of these for my wardrobes – I’m planning on tackling some horrid 70’s veneer ones with some primer and white paint and think these would add the perfect finishing touch. ¬†I also LOVE this cushion, I don’t think it would fit in with any of my decor but I have a friend in mind that I think would love it so I might just have to go on my Christmas shopping list! And lastly… this!¬†Which I think is just wonderful. ¬†I will definitely be purchasing this at some point and I think it’s bound to make people smile as they walk past it. ¬†I am a bit obsessed with framed quotes and I’m constantly looking for ones that aren’t super common… I think this ticks the box.

See anything that takes your fancy? Spend over ¬£45.95 and you’ll get free shipping when you use the code ‘free shipping’. ¬†Happy shopping!!

Serene Hearts

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