Home is where the heart is..

We believe that the home should be a sanctuary, because a tranquil and harmonious environment makes for a serene heart. So why not put a decorative stamp on your corner of the world and take a look at the gorgeous array of products we have to offer.

We aim to make customising the home as effortless, stress free and enjoyable as possible so that your humble abode can truly become a retreat from the chaos of life. Whether you’re after a little treat for yourself or something delightful for a loved one, Serene Hearts is the place to shop. From frames and mirrors to candles and clocks, product quality and outstanding service are always at the forefront of our minds because our hearts are in the right place.

But don’t just take it from us. Some of our very satisfied customers have sent us pictures of their purchases depicting just how a statement clock, a handy chalkboard and a humorous plaque can really enhance the ambiance of the home.

Take a look:

Customer photo 4These chunky, shabby chic heart coasters look great in their new home. What a perfect way to protect your surfaces from a hot beverage! The colours are subtle enough to co-operate with any colour scheme and look great on all surfaces from coffee table to breakfast bar.

Customer photo 6This chalk board looks right at home and the back of the door is such a perfect place for a ‘Don’t forget to buy Milk’ reminder; no more excuses!  If you’re looking for a stylish place to jot down your weekly shopping list, or an area to pen a cute message to your other half before you leave for work in the morning, then check out our array of chalkboards.

 Customer photo 7The cream hues of this fluffy pillow finish of this beautiful boudoir perfectly. Something as simple as a cushion can really tie a bedroom together and enhance the existing tranquility. Plus blue is a beneficial colour to have in the home, as it slows the human metabolic rate down which produces a calming effect.

Customer photo 2 This plaque fits neatly into its alcove making quite a feature of the bold black lettering. The comical statement is sure to generate giggles from guests; there’s nothing like a little humour in the home.


This customers neutral colour scheme really allows this vintage clock to stand out. It looks gorgeous, centre stage on the wall and ties in wonderfully with the rest of the rooms chocolate tones. Lovely.

Thank you to the above customers for sharing these serene snapshots. We really value your feedback.

Ecstatic with your purchase? Then please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Becca Palmer