Hertfordshire County Show

Hello to anyone that’s reading! It’s been a long time since I’ve done any blog posts, they’ve mostly been about the product and not what we’re doing and where we are going with them. So I wanted to mention the recent show we attended and show you we’re more than just a faceless homeware website (I’m sure none of you thought that anyway!)

Hertfordshire County Show with Serene Hearts gifts & homeware Here’s a good photo from the 1st day of a two day event and I’m not sure what was harder, packing up what to bring or actually displaying it on the table in the morning. Lets just say some stress was had.

After everything was set up it was great, a really good atmosphere with Oakleighs fairs (who run the craft marquee we were in) everyone was really friendly.

As you can see we had our pendulum wall clocks, shabby chic long sunshine signs, sets of wooden coasters, funny plaques (everyone seemed to walk by and laugh, except those that lack that little big of humor). Along with the letter racks and photos frames I created a children’s section, with owl bookends, hanging signs and our favorite tooth fairy cushion.

All in all apart from the terrible rain the first day it was a brilliant experience, County shows are the way to go.  It’s not everyday you get to work and enjoy yourself at the same time so we will be doing plenty more. Herts County Show Serene Hearts Gifts and HomewareOur next one will be in Cambridge County Show on the 14th & 15th!


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