5 Ways to Boost Your Mood in The Home Your In. Happy, Beat Depression, Decor, Wellbeing

There are easy ways to make your home a better place without claiming you need big wide windows and a swimming pool to relax in when we all know that’s a lot easier said than done!

You also do not need to redecorate and change the whole interior of your home.

Here are 5 ideas you can implement to your home with ease.

1. Decor

Accessories and a small bit of clutter can be better than being minimal. Having things around to show your style and personality can make you proud of your home, while items reminding you of certain times and books you have read show evidence of who you are to keep you grounded and feeling at home.

Note to all you hoarders when it says clutter it means a few meaningful items not a barrage full of old newspapers no matter how important they seem!

2. Art

The use of art, such as original paintings, a small sculpture or canvas wall pieces of any kind give you authenticity making the room unique to you, showing visitors your individuality this in turn can help you feel secure in your surroundings.

Small pieces of canvas wall art can be picked up at great prices and really brighten up the room.

3. Privacy

Make sure you have a space that’s your own, even if you can’t manage to have your own room but to find a space where you won’t be bothered. A lack of privacy can be very stressful in the home, sometimes you just need time to chill out.

Don’t worry if this makes you seem rude or unsociable as it will be far more beneficial in the long run!

4. Rearranging & Small changes

Things in the home can be perfectly how you wanted them & you ‘loved’ how everything was arranged. That same vibrant feeling may have faded, everything becomes stale after a while and it’s your job to not get use to this but change it.

No need for a massive overhaul just a few rearrangements of the sofas, drawers or even a new way to put the cushions out! Also with a few new introductions into the home such as a photo frame, sign, clock and other accessories you can feel you’ve brought in some new life and colour.

While this change will boost your mood for the better for a long time, the act of moving everything around will be very therapeutic at that moment too.

5. Clean and Tidy

This may not need to be said for some, but there’s a fine line between accessories and a small bit of clutter… and mess. Keep your home tidy, not obsessively but do not let it get on top of you, mess around the home can be stressful without you knowing it.

One important factor is keeping the home smelling nice! We love nice smells and they make us happy, simple. Some fragranced candles around the home should do the trick or even some plug in fresheners. Tidy home a tidy mind!

Finally a bonus tip: Let in as much light as possible, it’s been proven to help beat depression and make us happier!

There we go, that’s 5 ideas to boost your mood without making any drastic changes or spending too much money. Give it a go today and see what you think?

Serene Hearts